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Fuel Storage

Fuel Tanks & Trailers

Self Bunded Fuel Tank

Sizes from 1,000L to 20,000L

Stratquip’s range of self-bunded fuel storage tanks are suitable for stationary onsite storage of diesel fuel close to the pump allowing for safe bulk refuelling of heavy equipment located around your site or in areas where it is not safe for refuelling equipment to go. The heavy duty design of these bunded fuel storage cubes and accessories including extended hose lengths and hose floats means they can be used in a multitude of on-site applications.

Self Bunded Fuel Trailers

Sizes from 1,000L to 2,000L

Stratquip’s self bunded fuel trailers are for storing and distribution of diesel onsite. Stratquip’s fuel trailers are self-bunded and offer a mobile solution to your diesel equipment located around site.

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