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Water Treatment

SF60 Silt Separation Tanks

Stratquip’s skid mounted silt separators are the ideal solution for treating contaminated water prior to site discharge. The separators are simple to transport, install and operate.

Silt Separator tanks work by directing the flow of dirty water or slurry through a series of lamella plates within the tank, allowing a pump to operate without discharging solids into sewer and waterways.

Silt Separator tanks can be configured as single units, or in series of multiple units to match required flows and increase settling times.

Units can also be coupled with polymer dosing systems to
achieve optimal results.

  • Height adjustable legs for discharge
  • Removable skid
  • Fork tyne slots
  • Air injection connection points
  • Quick connect inlet and outlet fittings
  • Air actuated discharge valve
  • Chemical treatment system for improved settling rates
  • Civil construction sites
  • Tailings treatment
  • Underground mining
  • Wheel wash systems
  • Waterway rehab projects
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