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High Quality Diesel Pumps

High Quality, Reliable Diesel Pumps for Hire

These diesel pumps are available for hire in an array of configurations suited to your worksite needs.

Stratquip has a range of high quality, reliable diesel pumps available for hire now. These pumps are suited to a wide variety of dewatering applications in the mining, industrial and civil industries where high quality, high performance site or mine water transfer or dewatering performance is required. Our diesel pumpsets are available from low-flow to high-flow and low-head to medium-head sizes, which together with our skid-mounted and trailer-mounted options, provides an array of volume configurations suited to your needs. These particular units are diesel powered and come with an integrated self-bunded fuel tank in the trailer or the skid and are fitted ready to go with mine spec inclusions.

Pump Portability — Skid-mounted or Trailer-mounted
With every mine site or construction site having different requirements Stratquip specialises in providing a pump hire package that fits your site’s needs and requirements. We can supply both skid-mounted and trailer-mounted pump packages.

Skid-mounted Diesel Pumps

Stratquip has a fleet of skid-mounted diesel pumps that are kitted out for mine spec dewatering inclusions already fitted.

The skid’s are all made from high quality robust material that are specifically engineered for heavy duty work on mining and construction sites.

The skid points themselves are have a Bisalloy wear strip allowing for the skid to be pushed by heavy equipment for pump positioning and placement. Similarly each skid-mounted pumpset has a draw bar that can be used to push into position.

All skid units are diesel powered with self-bunded diesel fuel tanks built into the skid with easy access re-fuelling point.

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Trailer-mounted Diesel Pumps

Stratquip’s fleet of trailer-mounted diesel pumps are purpose built for use on mine sites, constructions sites and for municipal projects. There are a variety of configurations used in the trailer-mounted series — contact us to discuss configurations currently available.

The trailer-mounts are all made from heavy duty, robust materials suited for use in an industrial environment. Most of the trailers come with air-assisted breaks and a flexible drawbar for rough terrain navigation.

All units are diesel powered and come with an integrated fuel tank in the trailer with easy access re-fuelling point and with mine spec inclusions fitted.

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