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Dust Suppression

Dust Suppression Case Study

Project Details:

Client requirements:

The client engaged Stratquip to provide a solution to fill large water carts for dust suppression in a short time frame. The only water onsite that could be utilized was in original property bore holes which had a very low flow and long recovery times. The system needed to be low maintenance, easy to use and effective.


Wind farm in Central NSW

Stratquip’s Response:

Stratquip provided water truck fill point stations across the site consisting of generators operating automatic bore pumps and controllers feeding the water into large storage tanks on demand. The water was then pumped into water carts via high flow diesel powered pumps and overhead standpipes. The diesel-powered pumps were controlled by radio start/stop for ease of use for the operators.

The Outcome:

Stratquip was able to provide an economic, user friendly and effective hire solution to allow the client to control dust across site with the push of a button.

Clients Comments:

“Stratquip turned a challenging task into easily managed water truck fill stations”. – Project Engineer