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Construction Water Supply

Project Details

Client Requirements:

The client engaged Stratquip to provide a solution to fill large water carts for construction water in a short time frame. The only water onsite that could be utilized was in original property bore holes which had a very low flow and long recovery times. The system needed to be low maintenance, easy to use and effective.


Wind farm in Central New South Wales

Stratquip’s Response:

Stratquip provided an equipment package integrated into a system to overcome the site challenges. A silenced generator set and control station pumped water from the bores to a set of storage tanks to overcome the low flow and long recovery times and ensure plenty of water was available when needed. From these storage tanks a silenced pump fitted with a remote start stop system provided water to the standpipe for rapid filling of the water carts. The water cart operators were able to start and stop filling their carts from their cab using the remote control system.

The Outcome:

Stratquip was able to provide an economic, user friendly and effective hire solution to allow the client to supply construction water and control dust across site with the push of a button.

Client’s Comments:

“Stratquip turned a challenging task into easily managed water truck fill stations.” —Project Engineer